Sunday, 24th of June 2018



History of Piraeus – Our inspiration

Piraeus has a long history, which dates back to ancient Greece.

The city was selected to serve as the port city of classical Athens and was transformed into a prototype harbour, concentrating all the import and transit trade of the City State of Athens.
During the Medieval Times (Byzantine period) the harbour of Piraeus was occasionally used for the Byzantine fleet.
The city's ancient and original name was forgotten over the centuries and it was re- named Porto Leone by the Venetians in 1317, meaning 'Lion's Port' from the Lion statue standing at the harbour's entrance.
Nowadays, the Piraeus Lion is still proudly standing at the harbour's entrance overlooking the ships in the horizon.
The statue of the Piraeus Lion was the inspiration behind our Company's name & logo: LION SHIPBROKERS deriving from the Ancient Greek word λέων (leon).


Piraeus Today

In modern era, Piraeus is a big city bustling with life and an integral part of Athens, having the biggest harbour in the country and all the typical characteristics of a huge marine and commercial-industrial center.

Piraeus is one of the largest ports in Europe, and the annual number of 22 million passengers makes it the largest port in Europe & third largest worldwide, in terms of passenger transportation
Piraeus is the centre for Greek and International Shipping, and bi-annually it acts as the focus for a major shipping convention, known as Posidonia, which attracts maritime industry professionals from all over the world.

In addition to being the largest marine – based shipping centre of Greece, Piraeus is also the commercial hub of Greek shipping, with most of Greece's shipowners basing their commercial operations there, largely centered around the famous street of  Akti Miaouli.